5 Diskarte suggestions to Make This Christmas Masaya

5 Diskarte suggestions to Make This Christmas Masaya

It’s going to be a Christmas like no other.

This year has been challenging, to state the least, particularly for us, Pinoys. 2020 started with a literal bang, when the Taal Volcano spewed ash around the surrounding provinces. as well as we have just survived one more typhoon recently. In between are months of quarantine, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now in a world of social distancing, minimized contact, as well as additional careful events — something that none of us are utilized to, lalo na ngayong magpa-Pasko.

This Christmas may be a bit different. There will be fewer Christmas celebrations as well as fewer holiday trips. as well as since numerous have lost their tasks as well as sources of income, a few of us may requirement na maghigpit ng sinturon a bit bit more.

But here’s the thing: Christmas is not all about exactly how much we spend or exactly how grand you make the celebration. All we requirement is great food as well as great times with the people we hold closest to our hearts! right here are some easy diskarte suggestions to make your Christmas Masaya kayang-kaya!

1. Take care of your tasks through on-demand service apps.

The end of the year is likewise a season of errands! as well as with many of us working from home, things may get a bit as well overwhelming for you to mind little tasks. Not to mention that numerous are still not comfortable venturing outside.

You can hire somebody to shop, pick up as well as provide stuff, or pay expenses for you. We’ve tried this numerous times over the quarantine period – from sending a parcel to filing taxes to buying a hard-to-find product on the other side of the city!

You can utilize apps like MyKuya or you most likely understand somebody who provides this service. numerous members of the workforce who lost their tasks have counted on this raket for extra income. getting their service benefits both parties. benefit for you. profits for them.

2. purchase in bulk to score discounts.

Buying in bulk minimizes get in touch with with other people since you decrease the number of times you go out! This is essential particularly for those who are living with susceptible individuals.

Aside from that, one more advantage of bulk purchasing is something we already know: It’s less expensive in the long run.

When it’s Christmas season, bundle promotions as well as freebies are everywhere! One walk down a grocery aisle as well as you’ll discover freebies begging for your attention.

For example, Maggi Magic Sarap provides a Christmas value Pack. If you purchase 42 pieces of Maggi Magic Sarap 8g sachets, you’ll get a totally free 200g tomato sauce. (And admit it, this season, you’re most likely gonna requirement both items!) It’s offered in supermarkets, Shopee & Lazada. These bit freebies add as much as huge savings!

What if you don’t requirement that much? Well, you can store them for a long time. (They typically have long expiration periods!) however what we typically do to take advantage of these bundle promotions is join forces with neighbors or friends. We typically text them if gusto nilang magpasabay, particularly if you’re buying online. किन? since you likewise get to split the shipment fee!

3. try new components as well as ultimate cooking hacks!

Good food doesn’t requirement to be challenging or expensive! Over the past few months, we have been living on our own, without much gain access to to a range of ingredients. We’re not blessed with culinary skills, either. however you understand what we realized? It’s still completely possible to find up with excellent dishes in spite of that. We get a bit assist from maggi.ph, which features on the internet recipes that are easy as well as simple to pull off. many recipes utilize only a few components as well as can be done quickly, however they still provide tasty, flavorful dishes!

For example, we cooked pork humba the other week. aside from the typical soy sauce, we typically like it with a bit bit of oyster sauce for much more depth. however because we couldn’t get out much to purchase ingredients, we just utilized Maggi ultimate Sarap, which already combines the flavors of soy sauce, oyster sauce, meat, onion as well as garlic.

The humba below took less than 20 minutes as well as utilizes only seven components – pork, cooking oil, bay leaves, vinegar, sugar, banana blossoms, as well as Maggi ultimate Sarap — however it tastes precisely like the conventional humba however at a fraction of the time as well as cost. Pitong components lang! All-in-one talaga siya!

Who would have believed I might cook like this?! I desire you might taste this since it’s reaaally good!
In the exact same way, now that the cost of pork has skyrocketed, we now utilize corned beef as a substitute when cooking spaghetti meat sauce.

TLDR: When time, money or cooking skills are lacking, you can discover options that can provide similartaste profiles without costs as well much time or money!

4. cook for others as well as get additional income!

But if you have a knack for cooking, why not venture beyond preparing food for your household by prolonging your service to others for a fee. Magluluto ka na rin lang, damihan mo na at pagkakitaan!
Are you great at baking? Do you have a skill for making normal food special? Do you understand somebody who can supply you with components in bulk? assist each other do business.

Paluto isn’t a new idea for us. however it’s much simpler to market products as well as services these days! thanks to a whole suite of digital platforms like Facebook Marketplace. Ang dami naming kakilala na kumikita on the internet from selling ‘yung mga niluto nila or other services like pasa-buy.

Korean Beef Stew. likewise cooked utilizing Maggi ultimate Sarap all-in-one sauce!
If you don’t want to sell, you can have some provided to your friends. You can even ask them to send you a few of their creations as well as well as set-up a video conference.

Just a few weeks ago, we cooked Korean beef stew as well as sent them to a few of our closest good friends para feel namin na kahit magkakalayo, we’re still dining together! just let innovation do the rest! works for e-numan sessions too!

5. Declutter as well as provide away products as Christmas gifts.

The concept of decluttering may be a unusual concept, particularly for the emotional people, up until Marie Kondo came as well as shocked all of us. Suddenly, we see people publishing their efforts to declutter as well as totally free their spaces.

We don’t have a idea of “spring cleaning” in the country, however many of us do a version of it best before the holidays. utilize this chance to declutter as well as get rid of personal belongings that no longer stimulate joy.

But you understand what’s better? instead of throwing them out, provide them away as gifts. A great deal of people appreciate pre-owned products – myself included — particularly if it’s from the heart. You can upcycle a few of your personal belongings as well as create a customized gift for special people in your life. You can even compose a heartfelt letter to choose it, which is always a good touch.

Besides, in this economy, it’s totally understandable if we don’t spend much on gifts. It’s sustainable too! circular living is the method to go!

At the end of the day, diskarte is not always about what you can get. It can likewise be about what you can give. After all, Christmas is the season of giving!

For many, this year may have been their worst. A great deal have lost their jobs. numerous markets have been struggling. Some have been hit by the typhoon, volcano or both. If you have excess supply from purchasing in bulk or you cooked much more than you believed your household can consume, you can always provide them to those in requirement in your area. Not only will you be freeing up some area at house or avoiding food waste, which is a large issue around the world, you likewise get to assist others as well as make it Christmas Masaya for them as well!

Kahit iba na ang panahon ngayon, pwede pa rin bang maging special ang Pasko? Oo naman! Whatever diskarte suggestion you follow, always keep in mind that basta sama-sama with household — physically guy or practically – we can always make Christmas Masaya Kayang-kaya!

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