Ubirr rock Art walk in Kakadu national Park, Australia

Ubirr rock Art walk in Kakadu national Park, Australia

Our excursion guide Ray called everyone to gather around a particular stick figure of a man with barbed spears and a dilly bag above a signage that says, “A Lesson in good Behavior.”

The image is that of Mabuyu, a hunter. “He was dragging his catch on a string after a day of fishing,” Ray narrated, “when someone cut it and took the fish. He followed the culprit and waited until they have had their meal, hoping that there would still be a few fish left and that they would share them with him. There was none. That night, as the thieves slept inside a cave, he blocked it with a huge rock, trapping everyone inside it.”

Mabuyu, a hunter whose catch for the day was stolen from him.
The story of Mabuyu and its lessons are painted on the rocks of Ubirr.

Ubirr rock Art

Aborigines share stories like this to their children for them to develop a sense of morality and learn that our actions have consequences. This is just one of the lots of tales written on the rocks of Ubirr. We continued our walk, led by Ray, and discussed the X-ray type paintings on the walls one by one. These paintings have been adorning the rock shelters in the area for thousands of years. The reasons for making these paintings vary from religious to educational.

Kakadu national Park has the richest collection of aboriginal rock art. Ubirr is just one of the three world-famous art sites in the area; the other two are Burrunguy (Nourlangie) and Nanguluwur. The massive rocks of Ubirr pepper the edge of Nadab floodplain and the east Alligator River, making them ideal shelter locations for the Aboriginal people. Food here is plenty as depicted in a menu illustrated in one of the rock artworks: barramundi, long-necked turtles, catfish, and goannas. even the now extinct thylacine is immortalized on one cliff along the main gallery.

This rock was a training area for the painters.
The Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) has been extinct considering that the 20th century, but ancient dwellers here were able to paint an image of one.
Paintings of a long-necked turtle and barramundi.
An Illustrated Menu. images of the types of food available in this area painted on the rocks.

Our excursion guide Ray sharing the tale of the Namarrgarn Sisters, who have the ability to transform themselves into crocodiles.
If you have an imagination, you’re gonna find Bigfoot in this photo.
One thing we have failed to see during the excursion was the Rainbow Serpent, one of the most revered ancestors of the creation Time. The Aborigines believe that the Rainbow serpent lives near the waterways. While it is normally peaceful, it is also powerful enough to punish (kill!) people when it gets disturbed by noises.

Nadab Lookout

Ubirr’s glory isn’t just about the footprints that prehistoric men left on the rocks. Its sheer natural magnificence is enough for any soul to stop in his tracks. Under the dark green canopy, we squeezed our way in between gigantic reddish stones and was entertained by the sound of twigs breaking upon each step and the wind softly whistling.

Along the way I identified spiders and small lizards. just a couple of minutes later, the rocky ground started to protrude, slowly revealing a view where the savanna meets the grasslands, and the lawn gives way to the marshes. The Nadab Lookout allows a panoramic view of the Arnhem Land, the Nadab floodplains in particular.

Two ladies taking a rest before climbing to the top.
That’s me, climbing back up. Woohoo!
Nadab Lookout
Nadab Lookout uses a spectacular view of the surrounding Nadab Floodplains (Arnhem Land).
A vacationer admiring the view of Arnhem Land from Nadab Lookout. We feel you, girl.

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