6 signs You’ve Survived a trip to Scotland

6 signs You’ve Survived a trip to Scotland

Scotland is one of those distinct places that provides a great place to get drunk, and an even better place to go on a walk. This beautiful countryside is home to beautiful, crumbling ruins, incredible geological phenomena, and some of the best micro-brews money can buy. spend a week here, and you’re likely to go home with some larger than life stories, and maybe some extra hair on your chest from that last pilsner.

1. You’re broke.

Scotland is a treasure trove of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and favorite shopping areas. For everything from eccentric knickknacks to world-class fashion, stroll around Edinburgh or the Lothians. Hoof it down the world well-known and historic royal Mile, where shops line the streets and beautiful architecture towers over the hustle and bustle below. Sip red wine in one of the fine restaurants in the area while you view the sunset behind the spires lining the horizon.

2. You’ve worn holes in your shoes.

This beautiful country is home to some spectacular national parks. If you’re feeling a little stir crazy, take a drive out to CairnGorm national Park. depending on the time of year you’re visiting, there are a whole mess of things you can do out here. In the winter, CairnGorm mountain is home to some of the finest powder in the country, attracting snowboarders and skiers alike to its smooth white slopes.

In the warmer months, do some hiking, or try your hand at the nearby archery range.

3. You’ve got a wicked tan.

There’s a lot of what’s called “wild swimming” in Scotland, which is swimming in natural bodies of water. This country’s distinct water features make it an incredible place to opt for a dip. check out the Fairy Pools, just west of Skye. These distinct pools are full of crystal clear, blue water enclosed with rock walls. though the water is cool, the waterfalls and general magic of the experience draw thousands of swimmers every year.

4. You’ve got one hell of a hangover.

It’s estimated that Scotland is now home to over 70 independently owned microbreweries, so there’s never been a better time to sample some of the local refreshments. Not only do these breweries offer something for everybody with their small batch brews, but numerous offer trips of their breweries with complimentary tastings. For the marathon beer lovers, consider checking to see if anybody is hosting a pub crawl in the area. These events typically offer you with transportation as they cart people all over town to different bars and breweries. No driving for you, and tons of fun meeting new people while sampling some hoppy varieties.

5. You’ve become a history buff.

Scotland has much more historical landmarks than you can shake your kilt at. With beautiful castles dotting open countryside and old architecture lining their city streets, you can hardly walk a mile without running into something beautiful and historically significant. Be sure to check out Stirling Castle. This incredible piece of history was constructed in the 12th century, and has seen numerous bloody sieges and power struggles. The architecture and gardens are awe-inspiring, and the detail within the castle walls themselves is breathtaking.

6. You’re spiritual.

Okay, maybe not, but standing inside a medieval cathedral like Glasgow will certainly make you look up in awe. From the spires that seem to graze the heavens, to the ornate stained glass and unlimited details of the architecture inside the building, it’s really a riveting experience. Their charm coupled with the fact that many of these structures have been standing for hundreds of years is enough to make anybody take pause in amazement.

So shake off your jet lag, change into some comfortable shoes, and pat yourself on the back; you just survived a trip to Scotland. There aren’t enough hours in the day to see all that this beautiful, historically rich country has to offer, but just roll with the punches, and learn to delight in the spontaneity of a place with so numerous options for fascination.

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Jess Signut: My parents were travelers because before I was born. even in the womb, I was able to travel all over the place! Boy, did things NOT change as I grew older! knowing there’s much more to the world than the bubble I live in made me want to travel even further. traveling is my drug and I’m addicted. (Please, no intervention!)

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